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Please complete our online application below for us to begin processing your easi-own application. Once you have completed your online application you will need to bring the below requirements in-store with you to finalise your application with us.
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Privacy Waiver & Disclosure Statement

I understand that Thorn Group Financial Services Limited trading as dtr are asking me for personal information about me so as to use that information to obtain further information about me from third parties. I understand that the information dtr, their employees or agents obtain will be used for the purpose of:

The information dtr collects may consist of (but is not limited to) details of my assets, liabilities, income, employment, credit history, address details and contact information.

The Third Parties that dtr may contact include but not limited to:

  • Any trading bank, finance company, credit union or other financial institution.
  • Any credit reporting service or agency (including but not limited to Veda Advantage).
  • Any government agency (including but not limited to LTSA, LINZ, PPSR, IRD and WINZ).
  • Referees.
  • Employers - both past and present.
  • Other third parties as required by dtr for the purpose stated above.

I understand that:

  • This authorisation compels any third party to give dtr the information they request.
  • Neither dtr nor any third party needs to contact me before the third party furbishes the information dtr requests.
  • The third parties dtr gives my information to may retain that information and use it to provide their own service knowing:
    1. The Privacy Act 1993 restricts the parties to whom dtr or third party may divulge my personal information.
    2. In providing a service, a third party (e.g. a credit reporting agency) may disclose information dtr has given to them about me, to their own customers.
  • If I default in my obligations to dtr, information about that default may be given to third parties (e.g. a credit reporting agency).

I authorise all persons, organisations, companies, government agencies and other entities to provide dtr with any information about me they reasonably request. I retain the right to cancel this authorisation at any time in full or part by giving signed notice to dtr, provided however that I no longer have any contractual obligations to dtr.

I acknowledge that I have the right to access and correct any personal information held by dtr.

I also give dtr and any of its subsidiaries authorisation to contact me/us in regard to new products or conduct market research. If I do not wish to receive further information about dtr's range of products, offers or competitions, I will inform dtr at Thorn Financial Services Group, PO Box 204365, Highbrook, Manukau 2161.

I also understand that the information I provide of my friends and family is for research, marketing and credit purposes only and will not be published in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify them.

Ministry of Justice Approval
As part of the dtr loan approval policy, I authorise Thorn Group Financial Services Limited to request from the Ministry of Justice confirmation of any fines and the total outstanding balance of fines that I may have outstanding as at today's date.

Thorn Group Financial Services Limited QFE Disclosure Statement
The Financial Advisers Act 2008 is designed to help ensure that people receive the appropriate type of financial advice from appropriately qualified people. Under the act, Thorn Group Financial Services Limited trading as dtr, as a Qualifying Financial Entity (QFE) is required to provide the information below.

The information provided below is important You need to understand and use this information to help decide if you wish to receive and follow the financial advice offered by Thorn staff, or if you wish to get advice from another financial adviser. This disclosure statement was prepared on 1 April 2015.

Who we are and how to contact us
Company name:
Thorn Group Financial Services Limited trading as dtr

Business address:
Building B, 8 Business Parade South, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013

For mail:
PO Box 204365, Highbrook, Manukau 2161

Phone number:
0800 342 584

Our email address:

What are our products and services?
This disclosure statement relates to financial adviser services that Thorn offers to retail customers in relation to its dtr products.

What you can expect from our QFE services?
Thorn's QFE status is limited to offering retail customers advice about its dtr products and other products it may from time to time offer. Thorn is responsible for all financial advice provided by its staff about its products. Staff who provide you with advice are known as 'QFE advisers'. This means they can only give you advice about Thorn's products. This includes details that are written in your agreement with Thorn.

How to make and resolve a complaint about our advice
If you have a complaint, please email or phone us to tell us what it is. We will promptly confirm that we have received your complaint. We will investigate and make every effort to help.
However, if you are not happy with the outcome, you may wish to contact the independent disputes resolution scheme that Thorn has engaged.

Thorn's disputes resolution scheme is:
Financial Services Complaints Limited
Level 4, Legal House
101 Lambton Quay
P.O. Box 5967
Wellington 6145
Phone: 0800 347 257
Email: complaints@fscl.org.nz
Website: www.fscl.org.nz

What it means to say we're a QFE?
Thorn is licensed and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for our financial services. You can get information about financial advisers from the FMA and report information about Thorn to the FMA.

The FMA's contact details are:
Financial Markets Authority
PO Box 1179
Wellington 6140
Phone: 0800 347 257

To be licensed we need to be registered on the Financial Service Providers Register. You can confirm Thorn's registration at www.fscl.org.nz


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